Welcome everyone! I am so excited as this is TheLazyBeeBookstore’s first blog/web site! So please be patient as I try to build it up to level of interest & fun for everyone. I haven’t a clue (to be honest) as to what I am doing so be patient. You might just want to check in once & awhile just to get a laugh at my mistakes! Please….do not hesitate to critique me in this blog. I am ready! 🙂

TheLazyBeeBookstore is an online book store that specializes in childrens books, as well as vintage, rare and unusual books. We currently sell on Etsy & Ebay and have 100% customer satisfaction! Our goal is to maintain our standard of customer satisfaction by keeping our prices reasonable, good communication between my buyers and myself and our sellers as well. We have a great stock of new and used children’s books, fiction and non-fiction, science fiction, cookbooks, classics as well as contemporary authors!   I am also a collector of sorts, that’s how we got started by the way. Myself, my wife & my son handle the shops, which makes this a family owned & operated business! We like to think that this fact gives us a slight edge as each customer is treated with respect and gratitude. At TheLazyBeeBookstore you are not just a number You are not just a customer. You are a friend! So from the three lazy B’s we would like to say hello & thank you for stopping by.

Rev. Brother James Bradshaw

Mama B

Rocky B.



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